Alden Biesen




Landcommanderij Alden Biesen – Belgium (coordinator)

The Landcommanderij Alden Biesen is a state cultural centre, a conference and seminar centre, is part of the Ministry of Culture, Art & Heritage agency of the Flemish government, and is based in a historic castle with a European mission. The centre aims to be an international cultural and educational centre and has high quality infrastructure, boarding and meeting facilities. The centre is also famous as a touristic place and for its high level international cultural events: open air opera, international storytelling festival etc. 

Alden Biesen is a European education hub. The centre organizes and runs national and international courses, seminars and conferences and in-service training days for teachers and adult education trainers on European issues, self-evaluation, international project management, networking and on European citizenship issues and heritage for adults and adult learners.

Alden Biesen has coordinated a number of Grundtvig and Comenius projects on quality care in adult education, acquisition of key competences through heritage education in schools, training and networks for Grundtvig course organisers and was partner in projects on networking in education, on validation of informal learning and on heritage and outdoor education.

The centre is also well known for organising Grundtvig and Comenius IST courses.

Alden Biesen is also a historic monument with a daily scheme and programme for visits of adults and school groups. It is a ‘Storytelling castle’ a knowledge and support centre for storytelling in Europe. The centre also organises the biggest multilingual storytelling festival in Europe.

Landcommanderij Alden Biesen
Kasteelstraat 6
BE - 3740 Bilzen

Guy Tilkin