FFZG - University Zagreb

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Zagreb) – Croatia

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FFZG) is part of the University of Zagreb which is the oldest university in Croatia and among oldest universities in the South-East Europe. The history of the University of Zagreb started in 1669 while reformed Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences began with work in 1874/1875. Today the FFZG has over 700 employees, including more than 500 academic staff. The Faculty is committed toward assuring excellence and expanding boundaries of knowledge and insight through teaching and research carried out within a wide range of scholarly fields.

Alongside delivering academic scientific research as well running numerous accredited (by the Ministry of Science) BA, MA and PhD studies programmes the FFZG is leader is research related to adult education and in providing life-long learning educational opportunities foremost by (but not limited too) it's famous 'Croatian language, literature and cultural Centre', 'Centre of foreign languages' and 'Centre for permanent education of teachers'. Beside mentioned almost all Faculty's Departments (23 in total, with over 125 Chairs) regularly run diverse short-term programmes, workshops, summer schools etc. aimed toward varied students and adult needs.

It is worth to mention that beside many others FFZG activities it is the only Croatian institution which systematically addresses diverge needs of heritage and museum professionals in Croatia and beyond (SE Europe) by the Faculty's Sub-Department of Museology and Heritage Management which in 2014 celebrates 30 years of its existence."


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Zagreb)