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Małopolski Instytut Kultury (MIK) – Poland

The Malopolska Institute of Culture takes up contemporary cultural challenges faced by the region, as well as the integration of Europe. Through our educational, advisory, analytical, and promotional activities, we help cultural sector organizations effectively use their potential. Through long-term cultural projects we encourage people from the region to actively participate in cultural life, thus we contribute to the creation of a civil society. Our activities refer to the cultural heritage of Malopolska as a capital of contemporary cultural life.

MIC’s activities include tasks for the development of its cultural propositions in the Malopolska region including, in particular:
• Implementation of new solutions for the conduct of cultural activities;
• Promotion of methods for modern culture management, including project management;
• Monitoring of cultural processes in the region;
• Professional training of the cultural sector staff;
• Support, promotion, and documentation of inventive cultural initiatives in the region;
• Creating cooperation between Malopolska cultural institutions and institutions from other regions and European countries

To execute our tasks, we cooperate with public cultural and non-governmental organizations, as well as individuals from home and abroad.


Małopolski Instytut Kultury
ul. Karmelicka 27
31-131 Kraków
tel.: +48 (12) 631 30 70, 631 31 10, 631 31 75
fax: +48 (12) 422 55 62

Katarzyna Dzigańska